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Is it me or does gaining any kinda knowledge seem interesting when you aren’t compelled to do so. See I always had a fascination towards getting to know new things but why does it seem so repelling when it is added in the course. With the advancements in the society, technology people should also find out innovating ways to make studies less stressful and something students would actually find interesting and want to excel in. We read huge fat story books, don’t we? So this proves that people don’t dislike reading or is it something they can’t do. I recall the craving and excitement I had before the harry potter ‘The deathly Hallows’ was released. People went crazy. Around 15 million copies of the book was sold in the first 24 hours. This was a record. It made the New York Times headline saying:

‘Record First-Day Sales for Last ‘Harry Potter’ Book’

8.3 million copies were sold in US alone. That is not the point. The point is people like reading. Textbooks should be formatted in a way that holds the students interest. I know I finished that fat HP book in about a week. I m rather a slow reader, I know people who finished the book in 2-3 days. If anyone says that textbooks are more hard to read because they contain complicated concepts and they require you to understand them. Dude I dont remember the HP books being written in plain simple language with clear plots.

People need to change their point of view and the writers need to make the textbooks a lil more absorbing, I am not saying it has to be amusing but yet. The writers have been there, havent they. They know what a pain in the ass it was reading textbooks so as a social service for community I hope they bother to take a little more trouble.




Well I have heard about long distance relationships being difficult to manage but ever thought about those friends who live hundreds of miles away and how not to lose touch with them. If two people are good friends it needs a great amount of effort to maintain it. The occasional ‘Hey whassup’s and ‘Friend 1: ‘How is life? Friend 2: ‘Life is good’’ doesn’t make you a good friend. Isn’t their a quote which says DISTANCE MAKES A HEART GROW FONDER. So if you live so far away and if they mean something to you then it wouldn’t hurt you to take a little trouble to keep the friendship alive.

Yes everyone has a very busy life and has a lot to do but as they say YOU ARE AS OLD AS YOU THINK YOURSELF TO BE likewise YOU ARE AS BUSY AS YOU THINK YOURSELF TO BE. You can manage to make a little time for a friend atleast once a month. There are 30 days, 720 hours, 43200 minutes, 2592000 seconds in a month. You definitely don’t have to work all these hours, you definitely don’t have study all these time too. If you cant make 1 hour for a buddy among the 720 once then it’s a shame. Think about all the time you spend on Facebook. Oh that reminds me. Posting something on someone’s Facebook wall doesn’t count as keeping touch. See it this way we study to get good grades, we want good grades for a good job, good job means big money, craving too much money is GREED, greed is a deadly sin. So taking a time off your schedule to contact those friends you haven’t spoken to is a way of compensating for the sin…Lol

Anyways here are some do’s and dont’s to maintain contact with the buddies:

  1. Keep track of the special days in your friend’s life and never forget to wish them on days like their birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  2. Make time to talk to each other at least once in a month and don’t forget to keep yourself completely free during this one period. This is when you are lost when in a conversation it doesn’t seem like you care enough. And talking doesn’t mean chatting online when you will be talking to multiple people at the same time and take a long time to respond to each Im.
  3. Write to your friend on a regular basis letting them know of whatever is going on in your life and willing to know what is going on in theirs. Emails are good but nothing beats a handwritten letter. Some people call it back dated but I refer to it as something more personal. Oh oh! Add pictures too makes it more awesome.
  4. Send them small gifts or cards for occasions like birthdays or anything else. If they were here you would definitely give them something wouldn’t you? Then why let the distance change your ways and make it more obvious that things changed. And what are companies like DHL here for?
  5. Never fight. Fights are difficult already to resolve when people are face to face let alone online or on phone. You see when you people fight over the phone or online then you don’t get to see each other’s expressions and you can’t be completely sure of what they mean when they say something.
  6. Never think that the other person has changed because that would make him/her feel that awkwardness is growing between you two. If you find your friend’s behavior unusual you can ask them if there is something wrong with them. That way there is no awkwardness and they feel that you care
  7. Never nag that your friend doesn’t give you enough time. Life gets more busy in course of time so if you feel something like this then there is always a better way of expressing it to him/her than nagging.

These are only some of the things you can do. I know I can come up with more….So till then this is it. C ya


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